Sunday, 19 June 2011

Privatization - Dasar penswastaan

i heard the birds were chipping,

they sounded so happy.

i smiled.

there are actually great moments to be remembered

there are million reasons i could be smiling.

laughing and dancing.

no matter how serabut your life is.

take a moment and live your life.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The one.

i am sorry.

i do not know.

if only i knew it before i also don't know what to do.


i am sorry.

things are expected.

heehehehe..... if i were you,

maybe aku pun akan jeles juga somehow.

tapi kalau aku tahu lebih awal, i could avoid things. hehehe

cuma kalau nak borak2 you can come to me. :)

jangan risau lah.

if you are the one who can hold his heart

and if you want it to stay.

why not.

learn to love yourself while with him.

i am here not to complicate things.

all the best bebeh! :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Anan Suka Bermakna

i mentioned this earlier.

and it happened.


how do i really feel?

i don't know.

sometimes i feel i am in a denial.

a perfect one.


am i?


i used to make fancy cards.

now, i have limited passion making one.

but i guess it does not matter how ugly the gift is,

or how messy is your handwriting would look in a piece of paper.

it's a bout celebrating and giving.

giving is always about letting other people to have a little of your heart.




Monday, 13 June 2011

Merokok dlm panggung.


should i get him something?


maybe a wish will be enough.

happy birthday pakcik.

fasten your seat belt,

it's gonna be a bumpy ride along the way,

but i know you are tough enough to get through it....

have a life,

have a good one!

Cuti Sekolah :)

i would say that i have a wonderful life right now.

dah sebulan cuti semester. banyak juga aktiviti. padat.

yang penting aku semakin hitam. hehehehe

mari aku hidangkan dgn lebih gambar dari perkataan..

family day at Damar Suria, Melaka.

Nadia and Abg Mun finally..married.mcm kanak2 sekolah bercinta pulak mereka nie.

with cece ang Kak.GOKIM, Kg Bahagia,K.Perlis. will cerita panjang dlm next2 post. banyak kot cite best.7hari jadi anak nelayan. :)

dapat kah mcm ikan se-fresh ini di bandar? haisyh. rindu ikan bakaq.

Kak Long and Abg Fauzi :) congrats :)

i always wanted to buy a blackberry, but i ended up buying Samsung Galaxy Ace
android, it's cool and i am not regret it. bye2 BB,kita tiada jodoh :D

watch KL Gangster at JJ Cheras Selatan.
pelik sebab mama and papa bagi gi tgk movie malam2.
anyway, great malay movie watched with great guys.

Friday, 10 June 2011

galaxy ace..

selamat tinggal bb...tiada jodoh antara kita....heheehe android telah mencuri hatiku.