Monday, 10 July 2017

If i could fly.

I think i like you since forever.

Its more like someone that i comfortable with.

Someone that i can share my thoughts with.

But since forever pun i know that i will never be the one, the special one,

I just push away the thought of liking you.

And ya,there goes so many years.

I think i like you since forever.

But we never crossed each other's path.

You and my best girlfriends.  always been the reason,

And until now,i keep keeping every excuses 
So that i can avoid having unnecessary feelings.

Keeping the excuses so i can deny.

Keeping the boundaries so i can talk to you like we always did.

I maybe blunt.

Because im taking care of others feeling and mine especially.


I dont think i am attractive enough.

Cantik always attracts people.

No matter what.