Friday, 27 May 2011


i am now facing to the beach.

my current location is at Damar Suria Resort, Melaka. :)

yesterday was something.

i don't know whether i am a good friend or not.

and i don't know whether i ever put a smile on every faces that ever made me smile.

last few days, i mentioned this on my twitter.

I can’t help to put away your sorrow, but i’ll always can lend u my shoulder and ears.

truly, i have a specific person when i jotted the words down.
he looks serabut and all.

i don't know.

nak tegur pun jadi serba salah.

it's not my problem anyway.kan?


yesterday, i realized something important.

dia bercerita, tentang perkara yang aku tak pernah tahu.

dia jawab pertanyaan yang dah lama aku nak tanya tapi tak tanya,mungkin takkan tanya. tapi dah tanya smalam.

dia tanya soalan yang aku tahu jawapan tapi takkan aku nak cakap semuanya?

semalam, dia menjadi seorang kawan. ya seorang kawan.

dan membuatkan, aku rasa i don't want to lose that kind of friendship.

ok.aku ini sangat poyo tahu tak?


his name is everywhere kat blog ini.

i did not mentioned his name personally but he is here.

dan last sekali aku delete pautan blog ini dari rangkaian twitter.

aku rasa macam aku nak kekalkan hubungan yang sedia ada.

aku tak rasa dia pernah klik di blog ni, tak pernah melawat pun kot.

bagus lah., tiba2 aku tak nak dia tahu pun apa isi blog ni.


aku ingin menjadi kawan, ya kawan.

yang lepas biarlah lepas kan. :)

"ko memang cemtu,dh kenal sangat"


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Laksa Merbok

there are certain people i can not easily attached to.

i am not friendly enough to do so.

i'm not that good to hide my face expression.

it always can easily be seen.

i am sorry for not being friendly enough. hehehe


using the wrong word can mislead communication.

i don't know.

but i do use words like bongok, bengong, tolol,

for me the words not that harsh.

but maybe not to others.

ok i admit, i am silly enough.

i do feel 'bodoh' is a quite a harsh word to say.

ok it doesn't matter lah.

it just bila bergurau dengan kawan sekeliling,

you have to adapt. and be safe especially if you meet new friends.

be nice to others, say nice words.

and bergurau dan bertegur sesama kawan2.

tak salah, kalau kena cara.

i am reminding myself, and i hope i'll be better each day.

selalu lupa, lalai dlm menjaga kemaslahatan antara manusia. haisyh.

silly me.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


hey kamu,

ye kamu.

mengapa masih tidak berteman.

segeralah bertemankan insan istimewa.

supaya perasaan daku terhadap kamu menjauh.


pernah suatu ketika, aku ingin jadi orang itu.

tapi tak mungkinlah kan..

shhhuhhh shuhhhh.


pergilah perasaan ini.

pergilah melayang jauh.

Sunday, 15 May 2011



  1. 29th Apr - 10th May : Exams
  2. 10th : the semester break starts.
  3. 11th - 14th :Team building SMF/FSPU at Gambang Resort City, Pahang
  4. 16th - 26th : Earn money by working.
  5. 27th - 29th :Family Day, Melaka
  6. 28th : Nadia nikah.
  7. 29th : Wedding Abg Mun and Nadia, Port Dickson
  8. 31st : Gerakan Obor Khidmat Masyarakat (GOKIM),Kampung Bahagia,Perlis

  1. 1st - 6th : GOKIM, Kg Bahagia, Perlis
  2. 6th - 8th : Derak...Perlis/Kedah/Langkawi <--------------------- on hold
  3. 11th : Wedding Kak Long (Elda) , UKM, Bangi.
  4. 12th : Anuar Darasid- Wedding, Triang,Pahang
  5. 13th : Papa's birthday, Home :)
  6. 18th : Wedding Kak Long (sblh Abg Fauzi), Teluk Intan, Perak
  7. 24th - 26th : Labuan,Sabah

  1. Johore-Singapore with the Puteriansz <-------------------- on hold
  2. 15th - 21st : Ekspidisi Gunung Ledang,ERA20, Ledang, Johor.

UiTM dihatiku.


cuti semester sudah bermula...

jeng jeng jeng.......
actually it already started last tuesday,
but i was undergone a programme called Student High Impact Project (SHIP)
at Bukit Gambang Resort City, Pahang.

i could say it was a PERFECT getaway after a long stress during exam weeks.
met new friends,
bonding with the friends.

i just love every bit of it.
the good food,
cool people,
exciting activities,
jungle tracking,
the jungle,
the waterpark,
the project.

Secretariat - Group B

dah lah.


it was great. i hope to give my best for the team. :)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Kamu juga

dua dua buat aku jadi atas angin.

berat tapi melayang.

lama juga.

tapi sebab berat kan,so ke tanah juga la lepas itu.

antara dua, besar kemungkinan satu pun tak akan sentiasa menjadi angin ketika kepanasan kelak.

walau apa pun.

dua dua berjaya melayangkan walau hanya seketika, sedetik lebih.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

bila ada sayap kenapa tak terbang?


there will be time when we don't even remember what we were fighting for.

when the last time we embaressed ourself in public,

when i look back to remember why i don't like one person or a thing or maybe the situation, the place and so forth.

i don't even remember what annoyed me yesterday.

i just can't think why i felt that way.

i just don't remember,

the memory just fade away, no, it flushed away after a few years,

or maybe less than that.

Melayu mudah lupa,

seriously,it's actually true.

we will eventually forget the things that does not important to us for the next five to ten years forward.

so,if you feel like having a silly or stupid thing in your head right now.

and feel like doing it.

but you are ''what-will-people-would-say-if'' person.

or you are "can-i-do-it?" person,

or you are 'i-am-moneyless' person

do it now,say it now,

be silly,

do some fun stuff.

be spontanious,

go out and experience things!

you might be too old to do something fun later on.

you may be running out of money or time.

but everyone has 24hours a day right?

does everything involve lots of money?

be silly,but never do stupid things that you will regret later!

some silly things or maybe look stupid enough to other,

but not to you.

the question is,

does it even matter to you in the next five years from now?


do you have a crush on someone?

do you think you will die if you bungee-jumping,but you always wanted to try it so badly?

money is not the only factor that stop you of doing something your always wanted to do.

it's your gut.

...and please, sometimes try to be less serious on plannig a perfect-future.

perfect does not even exist.

oh,feel like eating ice-cream for breakfast la. :D