Sunday, 22 May 2011

Laksa Merbok

there are certain people i can not easily attached to.

i am not friendly enough to do so.

i'm not that good to hide my face expression.

it always can easily be seen.

i am sorry for not being friendly enough. hehehe


using the wrong word can mislead communication.

i don't know.

but i do use words like bongok, bengong, tolol,

for me the words not that harsh.

but maybe not to others.

ok i admit, i am silly enough.

i do feel 'bodoh' is a quite a harsh word to say.

ok it doesn't matter lah.

it just bila bergurau dengan kawan sekeliling,

you have to adapt. and be safe especially if you meet new friends.

be nice to others, say nice words.

and bergurau dan bertegur sesama kawan2.

tak salah, kalau kena cara.

i am reminding myself, and i hope i'll be better each day.

selalu lupa, lalai dlm menjaga kemaslahatan antara manusia. haisyh.

silly me.

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