Sunday, 1 May 2011

bila ada sayap kenapa tak terbang?


there will be time when we don't even remember what we were fighting for.

when the last time we embaressed ourself in public,

when i look back to remember why i don't like one person or a thing or maybe the situation, the place and so forth.

i don't even remember what annoyed me yesterday.

i just can't think why i felt that way.

i just don't remember,

the memory just fade away, no, it flushed away after a few years,

or maybe less than that.

Melayu mudah lupa,

seriously,it's actually true.

we will eventually forget the things that does not important to us for the next five to ten years forward.

so,if you feel like having a silly or stupid thing in your head right now.

and feel like doing it.

but you are ''what-will-people-would-say-if'' person.

or you are "can-i-do-it?" person,

or you are 'i-am-moneyless' person

do it now,say it now,

be silly,

do some fun stuff.

be spontanious,

go out and experience things!

you might be too old to do something fun later on.

you may be running out of money or time.

but everyone has 24hours a day right?

does everything involve lots of money?

be silly,but never do stupid things that you will regret later!

some silly things or maybe look stupid enough to other,

but not to you.

the question is,

does it even matter to you in the next five years from now?


do you have a crush on someone?

do you think you will die if you bungee-jumping,but you always wanted to try it so badly?

money is not the only factor that stop you of doing something your always wanted to do.

it's your gut.

...and please, sometimes try to be less serious on plannig a perfect-future.

perfect does not even exist.

oh,feel like eating ice-cream for breakfast la. :D

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