Friday, 30 December 2016


I don’t talk to you as much.

About how I feel for you.

But I mentioned your name,

In my prayers.

I talk to Almighty about you,

It’s more than enough,

If it is you, let just be you.

If it’s now, let’s make it a clear way,

If it’s later, let the heart patiently wait,

It it’s never, let the guts be there to let go.

Que sera sera,

What will be will be.


Thursday, 29 December 2016


it's not that i'm craving so much,

I just want to spend some of my random evening hours,

With you,

I know it's a tiring day for you.

Thank you,

 for your efforts for being there,

And for your time.

You made my day.



Wednesday, 28 December 2016


It's been only 10 days,

I thought I redefined the feelings

I did

But after that 10 days

I re-redefined everything

I like the black shirt.



Friday, 9 December 2016


the view is still,

October 5th,

On our back home,

It's a rainy day

But very calm,

You were on your white shirt

Long sleeves.

The day i found something new about you,

The other side which i never saw

Which i never knew,i never expect,

And that was when i first time tweeted about you




Thursday, 27 October 2016


I always judge people, but I don’t do open criticism. (At least recently I don’t, I admit I used to)

Or sometimes, I just do not say it out loud.

I rather keep it to myself.

Because, being judged by others is not easy to adapt.

And it surely not easy to accept.

That’s why, most of the time, whatever opinion we have, have a look at it.

At least a slight look.

It does not harm, bad words does.


To know people,

You have to be with them,



Sharing thoughts,

and be open to suggestions.

Recently, my perception of this one guy changed. A major change. After so many years, satu satu perkara yg keluar dari mulut dia, buat aku terdiam dan berfikir.