Wednesday, 28 November 2012

note to self.

being ups and many down,

being sarcastic and humble,still.

being nice and cheeky,



and suddenly slowing down.

i did not know what exactly am i doing right now,

i hope i am  doing the right thing.

i'm not good enough.

because i don't know everything.

being me is being me.

to inspired people is not a weekend thing.

to inspired people does not involve forcing  and hurting others.

don't plan to hard to make people happy by not being you.

yeah sometimes it works, but most of the time you might hurting yourself and others too.

make people happy being around you is the best part.

adapting into the nature without changing your good attitude. by all mean, be yourself.

but remember, being you is not a license to break peoples hearts.

don't blame others just because you said 'this is the real me'

there is no such a thing as 'the real me' in my opinion lah.

because what you know? because without realising, we keep on changing the way we talk,the way we speak,the way you act with different people.

in example, talking to your mom, and talking to you classmates,

talking in front of the class while presentation, and gossiping while having your lunch.

well, you tend to naturally change the attitude with the environment.

'being you' is how smart you get along with other, or with something without losing yourself.



Sunday, 4 November 2012

i am not okay.

balik rumah aku rasa tak best.

assignment banyak.

dan aku rasa hari ahad aku terbuang begitu sahaja.

aku rasa patut,balik je semalam.

esok, perlu ke parlimen.

bermakna, harus meninggalkan 2 kelas.

esok, dua assignment perlu di hantar.

aku masih blur.

macam ini kah MPP?

salah aku juga, tak atur masa dengan betul.

masa kat johor.

aku lupa bawak ubat.

setiap kali baring, aku rasa sesak.


ya benar. aku sakit sangat.

cuma. aku banyak juga. diam dlm bas dan ketika baring.

sebab aku mengatur nafas.

aku bagitahu sri sahaja, aku takut terjadi apa2,

at least sri tahu.

salah aku juga, tak bawa ubat.

semua salah aku. salah sendiri.

bila aku sesak nafas. aku penat. bila aku penat. aku tak produktif.

yes, i have all the guts to say I'M OKAY.

but i am not strong enough to sustain the energy.

selalu tak nak mengaku diri sendiri sakit.


orang akan pertikaikan kebolehan kita buat sesuatu.

boleh ke kau buat ini? itu?

i am a leader. and yet, i feel i am a total loser. useless.