Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Precast Slab.

yesterday, i noticed that his nails need to be cut.

today he cut all his extra unwanted nails.
and he had a little cut on his right thumb.

en afif came.
he talked to him,
so delicate.

i admired the way he talk to people.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


i could not find a perfect word to describe what am i feeling right now.




just don't know.

i don't need help, because i will overcome this feeling all by myself.

in my own way. :)

Monday, 28 June 2010



aku memang tak suka post gambar orang sebenarnye.

tapi muka 2 orang nie mcm sama je.

sorg kat rumah sorang lagi kat office.

ade persamaan kan?

patut la.

ok he will be my big brother at the office. hahaha

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday, 27th June 2010

he is a degree holder.

he loves dun-hill

i love dan hill.

he is my best weekend tutor.a good one.

he is not perfect but he always give his very best.

even most of them did the same thing too.

being a qs same as being a decision maker.

whether it is wrong or it is right.

there's no maybe.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

koko cokolat celup

day 14

aku kena tulis juga everyday,nanti aku lupa nak buat report


hari ni sambung buat kerja koko.
taking off:
roof sikit pastu zurena amek alih.

meeting dengan bos,next week ade site visit wuhooooooo *excited*
nak tgk progress work untuk projek tergendala. :)


hari ni tak tau kenapa penat sangat.

oh mungkin sebab,balik kerja pastu rasa penat,
pastu tidur,tapi dlm tidur tu mimpi sedang bekerja.

so penat berganda la.
ingat mcD je ke ada kenikmatan berganda.

ok dah.kena buat report. :)

Monday, 21 June 2010


day 13

sabtu ahad buat ot.

measure ceiling finishes and roof

sekali tak tally pulak dengan floor finishes.

today, me and mira managed to finalized the works.

siap,print dan hantar.

owh yesterday,our lunch was his treats.

he was a very gentle young man.
although he is a heavy smoker,he did not smoke while with us.


i love being pre-qs.

i want to be a qs.

the more i learn the more i love,
the more my heart can't get enough.

Friday, 18 June 2010

plup plup

sumarry untuk 2minggu.

day 1 : typing,photostat,
day 2 : photostat,briefing2
day 3 :take-off door,window(Mr J),column(Mr M)
day 4 : column (con't),furniture,sanitary fittings,sundries (Mr J)
day 5 : septic tank (Mr H)

day 6 :sirim,arithmetical error.tender evaluation process (Mr M)
day 7 :sirim (cont')
day 8 :sirim (cont'),
day 9 :wall,(Mr A),
day 10 :ceiling finishes(Mr H <3), wall (Mr A)


short 9

aku dah jumpa satu benda yang membuatkan aku nak masuk pejabat hari2.

hahahaha bongok aku ni.

biar lah kan?suka hati aku la.


aku tak tau nak buat mcm mane kau bercakap ngan aku.

*tipu la kalau aku kata aku tak cuba kan*


aku stalker.kau tak curiga ke?

tiba2 aku boleh tau tahun bila kau lahir. hahahaha.

obvious betul aku ni stalking kau.silly me!


tapi hari ini aku sangat berpuas hati sebab walaupun aku dpt ckp dan berbincang dgn kau pukul 11.15PM.
aku sangat suke! like seriously suka!


walau apa2 pun, kau takkan membuatkan aku lupa kenapa aku berada di sana.

ilmu dan pengalaman adalah keutamaan.

dtg dari siapa? aku tak kisah.

cuma tak salah kan aku membuatkan kau jadi faktor?


Friday, 11 June 2010

Day 5

aku rasa kau comel.
sebab mungkin kau rendang je.

aku rasa kau smart
sebab mungkin kau kemas(memang pun!)

aku suka bila kau suruh aku buat kerja.
sebab kau comel.

kau tahu tak aku adalah seorang stalker yg agak hebat?
sebab dlm masa beberapa minit aku dah jumpa profile kau tanpa tahu nama penuh kau
atau apa2 maklumat tentang kau?
kecuali nama pendek kau.

tapi ada satu benda yang buat aku tak senang sampai sekarang
sebab aku tak siapkan kerja kau sebab aku sangat bodoh tentang kerja2 struktur,
walau pun aku dapat A tapi aku sangat tak tahu.
aku tak senang hati sebab kau tanya aku tadi.

"ke ni taktik kau buat kerja lambat?"
nasib baik kau sambung, pastikan siap ye isnin!


hari ini aku rasa aku sangat bongok.
memang sesuai.

ok,im an idiot.i admit that!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

BLub BluB

Day 2.

Tuesday, 8th June 2010

the first 50minutes,i did nothing,no task given.

around 9.30am Azri gathered us 4,Shifa,Nasri n Zurina in the meeting room.
he briefly explain how to measure the drawing by elements and checked on the progress on Shifa,Nasri and Zurina's works.

i feel like i'm a second semester student all over again.its a WOW if my measurement lecturers have the piece of Azri ideas how to explain!

i still dont get any big task yet.Shifa said,wait until the tide bush on you soon. hehehe
around 11.30am i helped Nasri to photocopy 2 sets of contract documents. it was fun. hahaha,i solute the photocopy machine's inventor! the machine is awesome! i was amused how the machine can work that fast! hahahaha silly me.

i punched the paper using a huge puncher and bind it into one file.

1.00pm, it's lunch time. i went for my lunch with officemates! Shifa and Zurina at Bamboo's Restaurant. i dont know why im starving so quickly since i started working. *sigh* i ate a plate of rice, paru sambal and lemak pucuk manis and a little bit of sambal belacan. the food was nice and i think its cheap. rm4.20 including the lime juice as well.

back to office,perform Zohor prayer,back to my table.

after lunch hour,i spent 3hours by doing nothing,Hanafi said,keep yourself look like a busy person,dont look around.hahaha ok2, i listen to a great music and browsing the net.

4.55pm, Azri ask me to excel and print the drawing numbers for Bank Rakyat's project.

5.30pm - done pack my things and heading home. :)

Malu bertanya sesat jalan. :)

Day 1

Monday, 7th June 2010

i have currently started my internship program. I will be ongoing this industrial training
program for a complete 3 month,starting 7th June 2010 till 7th Sept 2010.This
program is a compulsory for making eligible to achieve my diploma in quantity

it's a small QS firm named Pakatan Ukur Bahan located at Section 9, Bandar Baru Bangi.
It took around 10 minutes to get myself there everyday.
My working hour starting at 8.30 am and end at 5.30pm.Monday to Friday.

ok stop.that's boring.

10 Things on the first day at work :)

1)First impression.

wow,its actually a real office.hahaha excuse me.although i have to climb up the stairs to the third level i dont care.i love it.
when i was little,i always dream of working at the office.hahahaha pathetic me.

2)The Office.

i have my own table.with a computer on it.
i dont really explore the office yet. i know there is surau and toilet for women at the back of the office.

3)First task

its funny,my first task was transferring the chair into the meeting room,naaaa, i dont want to consider that as my first task. my real first task would be from Hanafi, he ask me to punch the JKR Standard Form.i used to punched paper,but this is different! im using a huge puncher!like seriously huge. hahahaha then Kak Liza ask me to retype the part of BQ. in the meantime Hanafi ask me to retype one page of reminds me of studying contract law.

4)Lunch hour

i was mingled around whether to have my lunch at home or stay at the office and have my lunch at the nearest restaurant.Shifa went back because she's not feeling very well.
then i decided to head home.while on the way,Hananah called and offer to have lunch at her places.
i had labu gulai lemak,fried kembung,sambal belacan,terung goreng and salted egg on my first day! :)


on my first day i dont easily attached with the officemate.

6)Kamus Universiti

After lunch hour,half of the office went i had to use others table to continue my work. when i finished my work, i browse the desktop and i found Kamus was fun! its translating English words into English and Malay.and there is parrot pronouncing was funny and cool at the same time! :P

7)Punch card

OMG, i finally have my own punch card with my name on it! hahahaha

8)Microsoft Office

ok,this is serious,Microsoft words and excel are the most important things! im glade that i able to type quite fast and know the at least the basic function of these two things! fuh~

9)Photostat Machine

the machine was differrent than what i used to handled back then in koperasi smkj3! :)
but its still a photocopy machine right?

10)Working hours

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, i dont know that i can go back home at 5.30pm! everybody else does not seems to give signed of leaving. around 6.25pm Nasri ask me, "kau tak nak balik lagi ke?" i was like, err, "boleh balik dah eh?" then he replied "you can go back as soon as 5.30pm if you finished your work"

then i was like HAHAHAHAHAHA-ing for the rest of the day!

the moral.malu bertanye sesat jalan! :P