Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Malu bertanya sesat jalan. :)

Day 1

Monday, 7th June 2010

i have currently started my internship program. I will be ongoing this industrial training
program for a complete 3 month,starting 7th June 2010 till 7th Sept 2010.This
program is a compulsory for making eligible to achieve my diploma in quantity

it's a small QS firm named Pakatan Ukur Bahan located at Section 9, Bandar Baru Bangi.
It took around 10 minutes to get myself there everyday.
My working hour starting at 8.30 am and end at 5.30pm.Monday to Friday.

ok stop.that's boring.

10 Things on the first day at work :)

1)First impression.

wow,its actually a real office.hahaha excuse me.although i have to climb up the stairs to the third level i dont care.i love it.
when i was little,i always dream of working at the office.hahahaha pathetic me.

2)The Office.

i have my own table.with a computer on it.
i dont really explore the office yet. i know there is surau and toilet for women at the back of the office.

3)First task

its funny,my first task was transferring the chair into the meeting room,naaaa, i dont want to consider that as my first task. my real first task would be from Hanafi, he ask me to punch the JKR Standard Form.i used to punched paper,but this is different! im using a huge puncher!like seriously huge. hahahaha then Kak Liza ask me to retype the part of BQ. in the meantime Hanafi ask me to retype one page of reminds me of studying contract law.

4)Lunch hour

i was mingled around whether to have my lunch at home or stay at the office and have my lunch at the nearest restaurant.Shifa went back because she's not feeling very well.
then i decided to head home.while on the way,Hananah called and offer to have lunch at her places.
i had labu gulai lemak,fried kembung,sambal belacan,terung goreng and salted egg on my first day! :)


on my first day i dont easily attached with the officemate.

6)Kamus Universiti

After lunch hour,half of the office went i had to use others table to continue my work. when i finished my work, i browse the desktop and i found Kamus was fun! its translating English words into English and Malay.and there is parrot pronouncing was funny and cool at the same time! :P

7)Punch card

OMG, i finally have my own punch card with my name on it! hahahaha

8)Microsoft Office

ok,this is serious,Microsoft words and excel are the most important things! im glade that i able to type quite fast and know the at least the basic function of these two things! fuh~

9)Photostat Machine

the machine was differrent than what i used to handled back then in koperasi smkj3! :)
but its still a photocopy machine right?

10)Working hours

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, i dont know that i can go back home at 5.30pm! everybody else does not seems to give signed of leaving. around 6.25pm Nasri ask me, "kau tak nak balik lagi ke?" i was like, err, "boleh balik dah eh?" then he replied "you can go back as soon as 5.30pm if you finished your work"

then i was like HAHAHAHAHAHA-ing for the rest of the day!

the moral.malu bertanye sesat jalan! :P


make me wonder said...

ari first msti semngat..

Miss Typical said...

mesti! :)