Monday, 24 May 2010


i saw a girl,

she wears soft pink skirt,

heart colour ribbon on her head,

she is smiling.

i saw a girl.

she drew a circle,


the floor covered with an anti-slip mat,

so that no one get hurt or badly injured.

she put multicoloured flowers,

she spilled soft colour everywhere.

she plant a shady trees,

it gave her shelter,

she suddenly felt asleep.

i saw a girl,

woke up,

her face showed pleasure mingled with sadness.

the trees fruiting well,

she forgot to water the flowers.

she forgot to bring the water into the cirlce.

i saw a girl

she put the fruits in her pocket.

i saw that girl,

walking out from the circle that she made herself

she need to create more circles

to share the fruits

but still she have to make sure her flowers are not withered

she need to create more circles

..and she plan to put some bright colours to one. :)