Monday, 29 March 2010

10 things

new Things that i managed to realise today;

1)campus bangi sangat fun,
diorang ade gym sendiri,ade campus life,ade hostel life,ade aktiviti kurikulum, hidup berkelompok kecil dan mampu kenal dengan semua orang di kampus.main tenis.di hostel ade cafe. aku cemburu.

2)try to be talkative, but not too much.
samalah macam pakai slipper,u will slip kalau lantai licin,selipar haus akibat terlalu kerap guna or slipper lopek. etc.

3)ada jalan tembus that connected GMI dengan Twintech bangi.
selama ini,aku fikir takda jalan tembus. twintech boleh babai2 GMI tapi so near yet so far.aku silap.owh did i ever mention that GMI is huge? cun!

4)i wont let myself drive a car when i am sleepy anymore.
aku tak boleh kurang tidur.ngantuk dan rasa jalan raya ada banyak lane.hahaha
bayangkan,aku dari bangi,lepas tol kajang,aku berhenti kat r&r serdang dan tidur dlm kereta untuk 1/2 jam.sampai kepong pergi ke rumah kawan and tidur 1jam..bangun2 lapar.haha

5)aku sibuk,tapi kerja tak siap2.haisyh.

6)i wont complain to0 much anymore.
sebab aku tak suka dengar orang mengadu the unnecessary things, especially pasal cinta. kisah frust kena tinggal kekasih la,kekasih merajuk la,kekasih sibuk sampai takde mase untuk die la.etc. please grow up.they not even your wife/husband pun.

7)aku kagum dengan penulis2.
sebab mereka dapat describe things in better way.dapat menterjemahkan idea dan pemerhatian dan pandangan dan apa sahaja!

8)aku dah lama tak masak.
sebab,sila refer ke nombor 5.

9)a women should at least have a driving license.
others time is not yours.

10)what you give you always get back.
no matter when,no matter how.ikhlas dalam berbuat baik.tak rugi,untung lagi ada.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Preserving The Environment - A Brief History of Sewage Services Part 2

9. ... which they held to their noses when they passed the worst sections of town.

10. It was only after hundreds of thousands had died from bubonic plaque and cholera that the link between disease and sewage was made. Finally, laws were passed forbidding people from using the streets as sewers.

11. Flush toilets, discreetly called water closets, were a major innovation of the 19th Century.

12. Sewerage lines were constructed in many European towns...

13. The sewerage pipelines merely chanelled the raw sewage straight into rivers and seas...


15. ... which resulted in many complaints...

16. So some people decided to build 'sewage farms'. Sewerage pipelines were redirected in huge pits dug into the ground.

17. But they were soon unable to cope with the volume.

18. This led to the establishment of sewage treatment plants.

19. If you lived in the kampung areas, you either used the river...

20. ... or the beach.

21. In the towns, sewerage pipes did not exist. Sewage was removed MANUALLY!

22. It was only in the 1950s that FLUSH TOILETS were introduced here. In bigger towns like KL, sewerage pipes leading to central treatment plants were installed and septic tanks built.

23. Less than half of our towns have proper sewerage systems. And we produce 5 million tonnes of sewage every year.

24. A lot of it goes straight into our rivers and seas...

to be continued....hehehe

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Preserving The Environment-A Brief History of Sewage Services (part 1)

1. In the good old days sewage(human waste) was just an occasional mound in a vast landscape...

2. There was really no time to worry about where to put our sewage...

3. Being wanderers, no one worried about leaving a mess behind...

4. They simply left it all behind.

5. "Where can I do it?" soon became an urgent question.

6. For the first time, the problem of sewage disposal had to be seriously considered.

7. In Medieval Europe, it was downright disgusting what some people did with their sewage.

8. The streets were so foul, the more sensitive had sweet-smelling herbs in the tops of their walking sticks..

to be continued.