Thursday, 11 March 2010

Preserving The Environment-A Brief History of Sewage Services (part 1)

1. In the good old days sewage(human waste) was just an occasional mound in a vast landscape...

2. There was really no time to worry about where to put our sewage...

3. Being wanderers, no one worried about leaving a mess behind...

4. They simply left it all behind.

5. "Where can I do it?" soon became an urgent question.

6. For the first time, the problem of sewage disposal had to be seriously considered.

7. In Medieval Europe, it was downright disgusting what some people did with their sewage.

8. The streets were so foul, the more sensitive had sweet-smelling herbs in the tops of their walking sticks..

to be continued.

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asna ashraff said...

hahaha amat lucu :)