Wednesday, 9 June 2010

BLub BluB

Day 2.

Tuesday, 8th June 2010

the first 50minutes,i did nothing,no task given.

around 9.30am Azri gathered us 4,Shifa,Nasri n Zurina in the meeting room.
he briefly explain how to measure the drawing by elements and checked on the progress on Shifa,Nasri and Zurina's works.

i feel like i'm a second semester student all over again.its a WOW if my measurement lecturers have the piece of Azri ideas how to explain!

i still dont get any big task yet.Shifa said,wait until the tide bush on you soon. hehehe
around 11.30am i helped Nasri to photocopy 2 sets of contract documents. it was fun. hahaha,i solute the photocopy machine's inventor! the machine is awesome! i was amused how the machine can work that fast! hahahaha silly me.

i punched the paper using a huge puncher and bind it into one file.

1.00pm, it's lunch time. i went for my lunch with officemates! Shifa and Zurina at Bamboo's Restaurant. i dont know why im starving so quickly since i started working. *sigh* i ate a plate of rice, paru sambal and lemak pucuk manis and a little bit of sambal belacan. the food was nice and i think its cheap. rm4.20 including the lime juice as well.

back to office,perform Zohor prayer,back to my table.

after lunch hour,i spent 3hours by doing nothing,Hanafi said,keep yourself look like a busy person,dont look around.hahaha ok2, i listen to a great music and browsing the net.

4.55pm, Azri ask me to excel and print the drawing numbers for Bank Rakyat's project.

5.30pm - done pack my things and heading home. :)


make me wonder said...

bz nmpk...hehehehe

Miss Typical said...

nampak je bz.hahaha.sekarang,seriously bz!