Wednesday, 21 January 2009


if you dont want another me,
you will never see me,

if you think you will accept me,
you will never do.

when life are too easy,
we always complicate it,
without realising that life is brief.

when life gets hard,
maybe we did left something important behind,

being ignorant,
being sellfish,
in anyway,

it's easy to tell others not to worry,
but less easy to take such advice yourself.

*this may not be reasonable to others.


Szakif said...

owh. monolog.

by the way, ada tentang kamu di blog ku. sila lawat. :)

dammit said...

nice. walaupun mungkin tak rasa, tapi boleh gambarkan.

gadisTIPIKAL said...

szakif-hehehe bukan aku,tapi kami ada di blog kamu :P

dammit- gambar bercakap? :P