Monday, 16 February 2009

held your head up high! yeay!

terasa hidup ini lebih bermakna!

from now onwards,
i am trying to;

-When i thought i am finished with all of my work today, take another look and make sure.

-I cannot leave anything undone before calling it a day.

-Tie every loose end up in a neat little bow, and be certain that done really means done.

-It's the only way to let myself breathe a deep sigh of relief and free myself up to put your mind toward more frivolous pursuits -- without feeling even the tiniest twinge of guilt.

-Following through with tasks can be time-consuming, but it's time well spent.

my lecturer once said that her lecturer said to her :

'saya tak akan ajar awak berjalan, tapi saya akan ajar awak cara nya'

well,she's cool after memberi nasihat yang panjang n yet very thoughtful. :P

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