Sunday, 15 November 2009

there's more to learn from life!

i really like to do what i wanted to do.
but why i didnt get the chances?

why others always get the chances?
oh i dont like this feeling,

i have car,(but i dont have my own luxury time to used it as i like)
i have laptop,
in fact,i have almost everything that i need nowadays,
even though it is not mine for real..i mean the ownership,i didnt pay for anything
i am lucky enough!

its just i usually dont get want i've always wanted.
maybe i should be more grateful for what i already have.

but sometimes,
i think i deserved more than those people
who got the chances to do what they dont really looked forward to do.

and for a moment,
i think,
after finishing what i am studying right now,
i dont want to future my studies yet.
i want to work and do what i always wanted to do.
if only i am able not to regret it later.

i am such a baby to have this thought.


fathinaina said...

salam, husna eh? hehe..lama x dgr cter!

Miss Typical said...

hehehehehe,tau takpe, =(,hey im following ur blog! :)