Sunday, 19 February 2012


somehow, today i do realised something about myself.

hua hua hua.

i am practically not stupid, i know i have got some good quality trapped inside me body.

but it is trapped,

i always thought that i have no gut and strength.


i guess i am to coward to admit the truth.

because the truth is true enough.

cakap berdekah2 tentang pendirian,

tentang pembelaan,

aku tetap rasa kau tak perfect, no one does nowadays.

tapi tak perlu lah tunjukkan 'puncak kebodohan' secara terang dan nyata.

aku tak sempurna, kau tak sempurna, mereka tak sempurna.


and lagi satu benda.

now i can see why people always said that love is blind.

how 2 people in love can be so silly.


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