Saturday, 23 June 2012


tup tup dah nak exam.

busy sangat ke aku?

whatever. hutang assignment constech.esok last hantar.


whatever what ever.

ini blog aku. ini perasaan aku.


i want to get married.

i want to built a new environment.

i want to put a standard to my future life.

i want to create memories that i never thought i would ever imagine.

because i'm gonna mess it up.definitely.

i want to decorate my own house with the husband.

i want us to choose the colour of our dinning hall, the bedroom and the kitchen.

i want to do all the DIY stuff that i always wanted to do as the deco in.

i want to have a space where the husband and me can pray and recite Al-Quran together.

i want to have a book-racks.

i want to have a husband.

i want to cook for the husband.

i want a husband who entirely save my aurat for himself.

i don't need a perfect man to be the husband.

he dont have the muscle? no problem.

he has a flabby stomach? not a problem.

he can't speak french? no big deal.

he only have Perodua Kancil? comel problem.

as long as me and the husband can live well, can live with each other,

and overcome all the differences.

there will always be the way in adapting.

well. me myself have a lot of weaknesses, too many.

i am not perfect.

i'm just hoping that i will fill in the blank for all of 'the husband's' weaknesses with my unique way.and vice versa.

i want to get married.

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