Wednesday, 1 August 2012


i was uninspired.
what to do?
i am alone.
and i do not mix well.
i would never put the blame on others,
it is because,
from the very begining,
i am the one who made the choices for my own life.
everything comes with options.
worst come to worst,
there are 'yes' and 'no'.
mesti ada punya.

eventhough you are forced to make a decision,
you are the one who carry all the loads.
pilihan untuk dipaksa atau pilihan untuk menolak paksaan.
kau still ada pilihan utk tidak dipaksa,
tapi tanggunglah consequences dia.
kalau kena paksa,result akhir lebih bagus,
kau masih ada pilihan untuk memilih untuk dipaksa.

life don't come with manuals or instructions.
tapi, kita kena ingat yg kita ada panduan.
ada rujukan.

Al-quran dan Sunnah.

wise and intelligent are two different things.
is your choice,
to be wise,
or to be intelligent,
or to be both.
or, not to be both.

your life, your choice.

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