Monday, 17 April 2017


After I came back from Japan,
The week was very rough.
Sampai I don’t feel like going to work.
That is so not me.
I’m not feeling well,
Sampai I ambil halfday mc on Wednesday.
I went to EJ, makan ubat and tidur sampai petang.
Teman aina berbuka puasa kat CRS Aeon.

The next day I took that sleepy pill because I wanted to sleep, I was emotionally disturbed.

I’m not used to not telling you stories about my trips.
It burden me on the inside.
And I feel the boys of tilljannah tu, ignored me as well.
Its been an emotional week I would say.
Dengan kerja banyak tak siap, salah, kene marah.
Not up to expectation,
The emotions were at negative par.
Then I decided to end the week right.
I leave all the works,
Go back home on Friday.
And rest.
On the Saturday, I met Lisa, go to Omar’s wedding,
Tea time with aina and padil.
And later that night I had dinner with Puterianz.
I did spend my Saturday with people I love.

On Sunday, we finally meet up for badminton. Bila jumpa main badminton, okay je.
The feeling yg tak best tu semua hilang.
Then, I went to Yasmin Mogahed talk with Umi Nadia, ainul, syafika.
It was a short talk, but there are wisdom words on losing someone you love.
I need to learn not to suppressed my pain because of losing you in this dunya.
Suppressing delays healing process.
Because this separation is indeed temporary. Until we meet again yang.
And I know this is something that worth all the pain.
I know the pains and the struggles are real.
And I need to learn to stop having feeling for my feelings.
Its overthinking.

And I realised that I were stressed over unnecessary things.

My weekend was full of wonderful people.
Wonderful feeling.
I’m going to put my life back on track.
I promise to live well.
Live happily
And live on the right path.

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