Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Back to old routine.

Keluar gelap, balik gelap.

Sampai pejabat 7.30am.

Mati enjin kereta.


8.20am pakai gincu, naik pejabat.

Kadang sarapan. kadang tidak.

Bercakap sendiri,

Menyanyi sendiri,

Menangis, ketawa dalam kereta dengan drama ciptaan sendiri,

hahaha ini serius kelakar biar ingat balik, apa punya perangai lah.

maybe org boleh kata benda ini pathetic.

but not me,

it was fun thou.

because for years, i'm used to it.


seriously, i'm enjoying it. :)

aku lupa yang that was my routine, like everyday punya routine.

when we started carpooling to work, for 4 months.

me and two other friends.

one of my friend had an accident, and need a ride to work.

it changed basically everything.

i actually talk to someone else,

we sing, we eat and laugh together, in that car.

my route pun turut berubah.

i explored couple of roads that i never went to.

we shared stories,

how was their day, how was my day.

its a good feeling when someone genuinely ask me how was my day.

whether is a bad day, or a good day at work,

it will definitely lighten up my whole day.


i know it wont last.

thank you,you two for that couple of months.

i enjoyed every second and every bit of everything.

i know its not going to be practical anymore.

new year, new priority, new work loads.

surely going to miss you guys.


so yeah,

i am back to my old routine.

but don't worry,

i still enjoying every bit of  my routine.


to a new beginning.





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