Tuesday, 21 October 2008

i miss her.

19th october 2008
Istana Budaya,Kuala Lumpur.

At last!i've been there.
beyond words.
tremendous feeling.
the most excite me was,
the 'lambang' of istana budaya is every where.
from the entrance,handrail,door,baluster,in shorts every where.
i'm impressed!

the place is right in the middle of k.l,
pass by HKL.
yesterday brought me back to my childhood life.
i miss the time that i am the 'pesakit setia' of the peadiatric unit.
mama used to walked with me.
makan2 at the opposite wisma kayu (now wisma rekod)
i miss 'jalan2' with my late grandmother that adored me so very much.
i never drove a car to kg baru.
but the road that lead to it bring out the best memory in me.

this coming 25th.
i really want to visit my late grandmother's graveyard.
she left me since i was 7.
i still miss her so very much.


szakif said...

motif bercerita pasal nenek? terus aku rindukan nenek ku jua~


akuYANGtipikal said...

motif?sebab lalu jalan2 yg we used to jalan same2...uhuk~