Tuesday, 13 October 2009

i feel like a loser!


1.aku tak siap semua assignment lagi!

2.still dont have a suitable outfit for the interview tomorrow! damn!

3.washing machine rosak,benci tgk baju kotor banyak2 berlonggok!

4.answering YES is a must!

5.after dinner,no one else care to help clearing up the table and the dishes.

6.i hate that i have to skip classes,because i have to create excuses.

7.i hate that i cannot handle the things i used to handle it well

8.i don't like grouping work,because usually my patner sucks,

9.i love being around people i love the most.but i still feels like a loser.

10.i really hate my college management,they really pissed me off!


Anonymous said...

aku pun sama mcm ko.hidup kat universiti ini tak ada apa yang istimewa rasa macam nak cepatkan saja graduation dan free my self from these hassle and bustle

Miss Typical said...

Anonymous- hehehehe, i'm used to it pulak,nanti takut bile ramai sgt org,banyak lagi masalah.so,i just deal with it :)