Wednesday, 21 October 2009

i hate this kind of feelings..

why am i keep creating the excuses?
and keep on denying my ability?

yeah right,
i have the problem where i dont have the
abilty to recognise my own ability

at one time,
i feel that i dont want to be who i want to be.
i dont want to be what my recent education will
lead me to,
i dont want to get involved with the construction

i've always wanted to study in art.
where the imagination is required,
the oppinion are valued.

i like to read what i want to read.
i wish i have more time on reading and reading.
i wish i have more time with books
i wish i have more time for my own.
and doing nothing but reading.

i love english classes,
i always do.
but lately, i was surrounded with a bunch of uselees

on another thought.
i like to be what i will be based on the course
im involving in right now.
i like the career,
i like the challenges,
and out of everything,
i love working with my father! :)

i am in a mess right now.
i dont like what i study
i dont like the research that i did
because the more i know,
the more i know i dont know!

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