Thursday, 30 September 2010

why, seven, four four, two?

i didn't know that site visit would be that fun!

it was super fun. :)

but the thing is.

why on earth i can't talk straight to the eyes!
i mean...

what i meant was.


i can't really describe the feeling.

nervous? naaaa....impossible

butterflies in the stomach, way tooooo much, no la,next!

falling? definite NO. i guarantee.

as far as i am concerned...

the crushing2 things were gone.

but it seems like,

there are three possibilities:

1) the crushing2 did not leave,never did.

2)the feeling was gone,but it pass by seasonally

3)whether i didn't let go the feeling, or i just simply don't want it to go.


my heartbeat does not beat any faster than normal.
i don't have the butterflies in my stomach
i still eat, mandi and tidur.

so,the feeling does not effect much right?

so why bother? =p

but, what ever it is.

i am glad that i managed to control the feeling and focusing on my aim to work hard and work smart.

i able to face the feeling unconditionally and without hesitation.

and i love myself because i don't act normal. i am being normal.

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