Friday, 7 September 2012


I learnt something new everyday.

al kisahnya.

today is my last day of my industrial training.

so, mcm biasa la, i made makan2 for all of the staff.


i choose spaghetti, sebab it's western and most of the people love it.

and i am surrounded with the Chinese.

easy to prepare.


when it comes to lunch hour, i was excited.

they were excited too.


Buddhism did not eat beef!

i did not know! :( :( :(

i really hope to treat everyone for lunch today.

half of the officemates did not eat beef.

i was a bit dissappointed with myself.

because i should ask,when it comes to foods.

they always concerns, whether its halal or non halal food whenever they wanted to eat together with us (the muslims)

i do realised today.

this is my first time i am the minority, and out of my comfort zone. the non Malays environment.

i would say it was an awesome experiences.

i should be more sensitive with other religion too,without prejudising mine.

i should be more expose to the non malay culture.

We are Malaysian, should act like Malaysian.

more sensitive towards each other. live harmonically and respect.

one malaysia maa.


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