Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Life is not easy. smile!

yesterday's traffic was bad.

me and thousand of peoples were stranded in the jammed.

Alhamdulillah after 5 effing hours, i was home,

safe and sound.

and hungry.

this is my first time experience something like this

it was heavy rain that caused flash flooding

i heard it was up to 1.5m high.

i was lucky enough, i was not in the flooded area.

thanks to twiiter, and the radio.

i get myself update with the current situation, and the alternative road

that i can use to get myself home.

i am glad that i have the guts and more or less knowledge of reading the legend at the signboard to find the way out.

i like to google the map, and it's really help you know.


experiences make you wiser as you get older.

you never know what lies ahead.

what problems you may be facing.

but, i do believe others experiences is also a lesson to be learnt.

sometimes ignorance is not a bliss.

if you think you are not strong and tough, think again.

when tough and strong is the only option you have, you will be amaze.

life may be bumpy and winding,

 buckles up your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

you may cry and yell to the life, for not being easy thoroughly,

but dont skip any of it.

for how long pun you nak merungut kan?

someday,somehow, the moment will come when all the bitter experiences will taste so sweet.


Allah made it all perfect.

Have faith. :)

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