Saturday, 3 July 2010

Ferrero Rocher

enough is enough.
im gonna work for the rest of my life after this.

so, i have to slow down a little bit.
i love to be where i supposed to be.
i love to do what i love to do.

i love my daily routine right now.

ok,tipu la if aku kata kerja itu tidak stress.

aku pernah stress,bila benda mudah pun aku tak faham.
aku tak boleh organized simple things.

itu sangat stress.

tapi,berguru dengan banyak orang.
itu satu peluang.
banyak pandangan.

it's a relief.

for years i've been motivating my ownself.
i've been trying to conquer all the feelings and develop it into positive thought.

although most of the time i do fail,
it won't make me a failure.
because i know that at least i've tried.

every tough things is a challenge.
take it or leave it.

i'm not a super women,
i know my limit.

i'll give the best i can offer.
i know i can do it!

impossible is nothing! :)

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