Wednesday, 18 August 2010


sekarang aku mahu berbicara tentang hati dan perasaan.

poyo kan statement aku? =p

1. the crush has officially ended last Saturday. yes exactly on Saturday.

i don't know where the feeling flies. but it's definitely gone. i am glad that the feeling were not meant to stay :)

2. although the crush is over, i still writes about him

maybe the "crushing2'' has ended but my story still involving lots of people, he is not excluded.

3. i knew the crushing2 thing was gone when i talked to him yesterday without having the butterflies in my stomach. i don't feel like seeing him. i don't feel like searching for him anymore.

4. i have a good feeling about everything right now.

everything went well. my practical session, health, family, friends, money, basically everything.

5. Ramadhan is great! i tremendously love Ramadhan :)

it's not about feeling hungry and thirsty, it's about how Ramadhan has unite my family member every year. we will perform Magrhib, tarawikh, breaking fast, and sahur together. Thats mean a lot to me.

moreover, balik kerja pukul 4.30pm. i able to fetch Alya on time everyday. :)

6. i am insisting of buying new handphone for myself by October :)

i meant blackberry =p

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