Monday, 27 December 2010


I don't wanna fall out
But we're all out of time
Is this over?
Don't want an ending
In one day
No way you'll be mine.

My heart is running on empty
One more day and then we go
Yeah, the time goes on now
Don't ask me how
I don't know
You'll be home tomorrow
About a thousand miles too far away?
Say you won't forget and i'll be okay

At least tonight
It's just you and me and honestly
That's everything i need

Tonight's the countdown
'Till the day we're not around
Is this over?
Don't want an ending
And you're gone
And we're on with our lives
I don't want an ending

Don't want an ending...

The days turn to hours
And it’s just a moment before they go
I’m scared to say goodbye,
‘Cause what’s after that?
I don’t know.

As the years look past us
If we lose tracks,
Or lose the fight,

I will search forever
To find a way back..

We said "see ya later"
But I know there's no way we're
Around here again
And every until next time
Feels like one bad punch line
And I don't want that again

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