Thursday, 10 February 2011

The best revenge is to life well :)

how does one person really effect your life?

sometimes it does!

i do really think that you acting like you being so damn cool and yet you are not. (maybe you have internal problem that no one would neither know nor understand)

no one will understand everything.right?

you are affecting others obviously.

you change all the routine that what people might love you the way it is.

i was not there.

but i could feel it.

i always say that you are the coolest person,

but people doubt it, because they do not experiencing you the way i was at one time back then.

maybe time will heal.

yeah,time heals! but it may take longer time if you don't let the time do it's own job.

let it go,and have a pleasant life! :)

Live well! and chill out yoooo! :D

p/s: i still feel you are one of the coolest person ever,don't ever doubt me! :)

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