Thursday, 24 February 2011


that is not how you do it.

the group was started just fine...

you,you, you had started kutuk2 lecturer.

it's fine if kita berlawak dengan tag line lecturer2.

but, when it come to hatred, and you post it to public.

complaining this,complaining that.

it's hurt me somehow.

i feel terrible.

i somehow feel a bit demotivated because of that.

i need a healthier environment

i don't want to be with the people who probably will badly effect my emotion

aku masuk ke sini, sudah membetulkan niat. dan tersasar sedikit

i need to be in the right lane balik.

i can say that i am a proud student right now.

mungkin terlari sikit dengan REALITI hidup sebagai pelajar.

my way to UiTM was not easy.

and MAYBE that is why, i appreciate the chances more.

i don't know how they think on how they should live their life as a student.

i have my own ways, and also dlm bab respecting others.

and i do think this GUY cool juga.

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