Friday, 11 February 2011


i'm sorry tak jadi flexible mcm dulu.

tapi i believe we are close enough to understand each other in OUR own ways

u know where to find me,

i just wanted u to know

i would never ever jeopardize our relationship, never.

although i know it's been months,

i thought you are okay with it,

but since you brought it up,

i know i disappointing you in varies way.

yes i do believe in you, i hope you believe in me too

i will make sure we fix this, no matter how long it will take.
and i heart you,

take your time.

as i said, i dont feel 'this matter' is a problem, it is just the matter of mislead communication. we'll fix it ok?

take care. we used to support,love and happy for each other so dearly, no matter how hard or easy the situations has lead us to.and i'm not perfect,but u did love me. so do i. the imperfect has bonded us together. remember? :D

if you ever realized,

my life was always surrounded by my family, my few friends back then in high school and you.

you guys all i ever have.i was never be outside the circle for long.

but then i feel like i do found something that i love to do, and i attached to it. sangat.
i still am.

and so you know, i just realized that i could not mix everything that i love at one time.
i'm sorry for spending more time to pamper myself.

and now, i move on to the next changes,

and more changes will be waiting ahead.

i'm still adapting myself to everything.and i thought i could tell you every each of it.
but no yang,you don't want to know many things instead,the truth, that was how it started, i start tak cerita everything.and i have lesser word each day to say because most of the thing i did enjoy is not what you enjoy to hear.i am sorry to say this to you.

there's too much of things i miss to share with you.

although you are not my everything, but you mean lot to me.

*but above all this, for the past 9 months, was our relationship that bad? i doubted that.

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