Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Writing was and always never be my real excitement. It because I always found no perfect word to be utters. It does not show what I feel, what I did. Somehow, it does not relate to anything that imitates me.

loves is in the air

One fine perfect windy day, my thought had unconsciously spoken to myself. It sounds on the double like a question to me. Life is all about living. For my minor thought said ‘life’ is a very tricky, worse killer question. In addition, my other part said that living is the complete, whole, and perfect answer to anything and everything.

How to interpret ‘life’ in my own and classified words?

I speak in many ways. I glimpse in varies way. I hear in enormously different wave. It comes out to be perfectly stranger side of me. I am truly notice that I am a softhearted personality and dearly become aware of the sensitivity part of me.

I wanted the entire wide world knows what I feel about almost the whole lot of everything. It is true that nothing is everything. Nevertheless, not a soul but all and sundry have their own fairly judgment about everything. Whether it is heavenly right or sorry to say wrong.

Speaking to my own, my words are acceptable nowhere in certain circumstance, but in the middle of somewhere, somebody in perfect state of affairs magnificently accepts my words
The best way to express my true feeling in my own words is to write. I did realize that writing is not my passion. Somehow, it brought me into life. I could talk to the naïve side of me in words although it does not show what I really feel deep inside. I shall have to give full support to my word, I shall criticize my lack of confidence, and it comforts me well lately. I could not find one perfect person to understand my feeling, but I found a combination of people that can solve the enigma.

I call for someone to shed the tears, I require someone to be a good listener, I want someone to be my dictionary of life, I need peoples to help me stand after a fall, and I need a perfect stranger to help me go through with my future life.

In this particular moment, I guess I do not want to live my life alone; I need some space single-handedly but not always. For the reason that I always wanted to be taught and to teach. One of my buddy once said, life isn’t about giving but sharing. It took me a quite while to seek the clarity and the essence of the sentence. What I have concluded was we could not order someone to do what he or she supposes to do in their life because we are not in their shoes after all.
I constantly wanted to compose, write, sings, dreams and finally tie them all into one piece. Language is a journey of communication. Nevertheless, what shall I write in which language it depends on my deepest feeling for that particular moment.

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